Weekly Thoughts

CHANGE!  Not many of us like it!  We prefer to stay right where we  are!  In our own homes, at our present job, in our usual routine, in our parish church.

I think how at some point in all our lives we have to think about moving - from home to apartment to assisted living to nursing care - in all likelihood.  That is a very difficult decision for the individual and also for their family.  But we do it for reasons of safety, better care, and more interaction with others. In other words, we give up something - our independence - in order to gain something else.

We may at various points in our career change jobs - voluntarily or otherwise.  We leave behind co-workers with whom we have become friends to start over in a place with others we may not know.  We do it for financial reasons, or because the company was sold or down-sized, or we longed for new challenges.  In each case, we give up something to gain something new.

Now we are looking at the new diocesan plan for Area Catholic Communities.  Moving from being a twinned parish to part of a quadruple parish.  So what might we have to give up? Multiple Masses in our own parish church. Doing things by ourselves all the time!  (Give up the 'silo' mentality.) 

What might we gain?  Stronger Faith Formation Programs with more students!  Stronger Confirmation program with more students for the retreat. One RCIA program for all 4 parishes - thus better conversation and more questions. One bereavement program - more support for grieving members!  Better use of facilities, staff, and finances?

While we all grieve leaving the old familiar behind, we must also move into thinking about the future of the Church - for our children, grandchildren and beyond.  And we remember that we are all part of the GLOBAL CHURCH!  The BODY OF CHRIST!